Greenhouse Applications

The ideal environments for living things are damaged in the presence of are too high or too low temperatures, or too much or too little humidity. Especially in hot summer months, healthy growth environment cannot be maintained in greenhouses. High temperatures slow down the growth of the plants. In addition, the monitoring and maintenance of products are negatively affected due to the increasingly difficult working conditions in the greenhouse. Depending on the desired level of humidity, air humidity can be increased up to 95%. Humid air can be discharged from the environment to cool the environment. With the reduction of the temperature, more suitable environment conditions both for working and for the growing of plants are obtained. This increases efficiency and reduces losses.

Animal Shelters Applications

This provides an ideal living environment for animals, which in turn causes an increase in the product quality and quantity. Especially at high temperatures cows can get stressed. This heat related stress affects the milk efficiency of cows. Cooling prevents these problems by ensuring an optimum level of temperature and humidity. More efficiency and more fleshy cows are ensured by the method of placing the feeding areas near cooled areas. This provides an incentive for cows to tend to move around the feeding areas. In addition, convenient and healthy working environments can be maintained by applying dust suppression, disinfection and odour control in desired areas.

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