The principle of working is as following :

Acid and fertilizer solution is taken from fertilizer tank with magnetic pump and when need , it gives solutuion to mix tank with 3 ways valve. By using EC- Ph values, when it comes determined limit, it close the mix tank flow and with by-pass fertilizer fill in fertilizer tank. In this system, instant and more sensitive dosing are done. By mixing water and fertilizer homogen plant solution is obtained.


  • You can connect 8 fertilizer tank that is 7 fertilizer tank and 1 acid tank
  • You can do 10 seperately irrigation programme with 10 group and each group can control 32 valve.
  • Machine control 16 valve as standard, it can be increased to 320 valve.
  • According to need irragtion pressure and flow with connection 3 different pump , you can choose different pump.
  • It provides ease with by-pass in high volume irrigation.
  • Each irrigation group can work at different times and you can set different time / amount for each group.
  • There are water and fertilizer counter. You can follow to use water and fertilizer amount.
  • Machine start irrigation with coming data from solar radiation sensor according to radiation amount that come to plants
  • Machine stop and give alarm loudly when the uuper and lower limits are exceeded, prevent all of negative condition.
  • By using drenage irrigation feature, it determines irrigation amount and number. For this, it uses data of drainage water
  • Before irrigation it provides to mix deposite fertilizer with mixer control in fertilizer tank and homogen solution is formed.
  • Fertilizer dosing can be done as EC-pH control or proportional, you can use both of specification.
  • You can start cleaning of filter like pressure difference, irrigation amount, irrigation time or combined.
  • With computer connection all of irrigation activities is saved. You can follow instant irrigation functions and can programme in computer. You can analyze all of data at graphs and there is possibility of remote control through internet.

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